The Alphabet of God

The Alphabet of God

A - Accept for what you are

B - Believes that you valuable

C -Care for you when you hurt

D -Desire what is best for you

E -Erases all your offenses

F -Fill the emptiness of your life

G -Give the desire of your heart

H -Heals when your heart is broken

I -Instruct you in the ways you should go

J -Judge according to your own labor

K -Keep this promise on you

L -Lead you in the path of righteousness

M -Make you to lie down in green pastures

N -Nourishes your own body

O -Ordained strength because of your enemies

P -Pleads the cause of your own souls

Q -Quickens you according to his word

R -Rebuke because of his much love

S -Save your soul from wickeness

T -Tried you to come forth as gold

U -Understands for you when you are oppressed

V -Visit you at nights

W -Wishes the best of everything of you

X -Xrays your sins from head to toe

Y -Yearns of your trouble

Z -Zealed

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